Tips for cook the carrots in simpler steps in your home

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At present scenario, folks are fond or eating their favourite food items in their home, they are love eat homemade foods right now so they are trying various types of recipes in their home. There are vast number of food recipes are now introduced in the market where people are eat vegetable recipes more  Carrot, beetroot, pumpkin, potato, cauliflower etc. Today many households are not known how to these types of vegetables easier in their home as well as keep all nutritional facts and vitamins while cooking the vegetables. Every vegetables have different qualities if your cook the vegetables some of vegetables are easily cooked and some varieties take more time to cook. Each and every vegetable have different taste and flavour so people are love to more vegetables and make their health and body well.  Especially here we see how to cook carrots easier and simpler method. Today many of them are loved to eat carrot dishes and recipes because it offers various health benefits to our health.  So taking carrot in regular basis you can get very stronger and healthy body.

Carrots are one of the most well known and  tasty vegetable right now in the market, based on the carrot  there are various types of recipes are available  in the shops. Some portion of the folks is eating the fresh raw carrots daily basis. It is very tastier to eat raw carrots as well as compare to cooked carrots, this is very nutritional facts such as  Vitamin B6, Vitamin c, Iron, etc. Many of them are not know how to cook carrot perfectly.  First of all before going to cook the carrots just wash the carrots thoroughly and do not peel or cut the smaller carrots simply wash the carrots. If you have older and larger carrots wash and peel the outer skin before going to cook particularly do not peel thicker skin layer. Now these carrots are sliced or dice or cut according to your comfort to eat. The grated carrot is used for cakes, pudding and various baked dishes. If you have young and baby carrots do not need blanching if you using older carrots must blanch to reduce the thickness of the carrot for easy cooking.

Cut carrots according to your favourite method now take the water for boil the carrots. Do not use too much water for boiling. Normal size carrots are cooked only 5- 6 minutes but it is older and larger carrots are seeks 10-12 minutes. Now you need to drain the carrots for few seconds until the water will be fully dissolved.  Now it is ready to cook the favourite carrot recipe right now. Based on the carrot there are huge varieties of recipes are available in recent days.   There are various types of cooking methods are available such as Micro wave cooking, stove cooking steam cooking  according  to your comfort  you have to choose the best method for how to cook carrots in your home.  These are some tips for cooking carrot easier.




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