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Following a natural diet helps people to improve their health and that’s why even the doctors advise them to follow it. A diet with regular exercises is the best way to keep the fitness for long time. Adding more vegetables in the diet can give good results and it can improve the immune system too. It can provide the necessary minerals and vitamins to our cells which helps the organs to perform normally. Some vegetables contain rich vitamins so people can have them directly without adding to any recipe. Carrot is an example for such vegetables and in this article readers can learn how to cook carrots in some simple methods.

Carrot is a most used root vegetable in most of the recipes because of its tender taste and because of its medicinal benefits. The traditional color of the carrot is orange and in the market we can find it in some other colors. It is available in yellow, purple and white colors but mostly every carrot provides the same taste and benefits to the consumers. It contains vitamin so it should be cooked in some finest methods otherwise it will lose its minerals and vitamins. The given methods in this article would be very helpful for the readers and by using the methods users can enhance the sweet taste of carrots.

Baby carrots and older carrots are the two types and for the smaller carrots user should not peel or cut it. They need to simply scrub the baby carrots using the vegetable brush and for the older carrots it should be scrubbed clearly and it is recommended to use the cold water to tender it. Blenching the carrot is the next process where the user needs to do it for reducing the bitterness for the old carrots. For young & fresh carrots it is not required because it will not contain any bitterness taste. After completely rubbing the carrots user has to trim the carrot otherwise it would be little difficult to have. Based on the recipe we can trim the carrots and using the right knife is recommended.

The sliced carrots should be placed in the pot of cold water for 5-10 minutes then they need to place them in a pan. The next process is user has to pour water for boiling the carrots and 5-6 minutes of boiling is suggested. The older carrots may take more time than the fresh carrots so user can boil them up to 10-12 minutes and this level should not be exceeded. Finally it has to be drained for 5 minutes to eat directly or users can add them with any recipe. Boiled carrots are another method where the carrots have to be boiled in a cooker for 10 minutes so user can get the complete tendered carrots. Placing the carrots in the Microwave using a small pot is the next method and user needs to set the preheat level in 275ºF/140ºC for 5 minutes. Similarly there are so many methods available for learning how to cook carrots and all of them are very useful.


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