An easy way to make buttery cooked carrots

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An easy way for cooking the carrots is boiling them. People need to have for making boiled carrots are cooking pot and water. They may feel bored of boiling carrots. They can make the carrots cooked delicious by knowing how to cook carrots right. First step is washing the carrots thoroughly to remove the chemicals and dir on the surface. People can use lukewarm water to scrub carrots to eliminate all the dirt. Some people peel the carrots to remove pesticides and dust.  Removing the skin can lose its nutrients and flavor. So, if you like to peel the carrots, you can make use of a vegetable peeler to take away only a single layer. Boiling causes vegetables to lose its nutrients and flavors. So, it is better to cook the carrots in large pieces instead of smaller chunks. Let us start boiling the carrots to make ready the buttery cooked carrots.

Pour some water in a pot and bring it to a boil. The water in the pot must be enough to cover the carrots. People can add some salt and make the water boil hotter. After the water starts to boil you can add the carrot pieces to the water. Cover the pan until the carrots are cooked. The cooking time may vary depending on how people cut the carrots and how cooked they like it. Before turning off the stove use a fork to test the carrots to know if they are cooked enough. Then drain the carrots and cut into many pieces if you like. People can serve the cooked carrots with salt, spices, herbs and butter as they wish. Let us see how to make buttery carrot recipe with these boiled carrots. For one pound carrots make ready 1/3 cup of brown sugar and ¼ cup of margarine.

Take a pan of water and add brown sugar and margarine. Set the stove to simmer and stir the mixture until margarine and sugar melts completely. Then take the boiled carrots and add into this mixture. Toss the pieces of cooked carrots to coat the mixture thoroughly to give a good taste. Cover the pan and let the carrots sit for few minutes in order to absorb the flavors of sugar and margarine. If you want to make this recipe better, you can replace the carrots with baby carrots. The recipe is not about making carrots. The truth is to know how to cook carrots and how you want them. If a person like crisp carrots, he can take them out from the pan when the pieces are crisp. If he likes to have soft, he can leave them to cook for a bit longer. Simply test them regularly to make sure the carrots reaches the way you likes them. People can also come to know several recipes made of boiled carrots online. They can browse the web to know the different ways of cooking the carrots delicious without losing its nutrients. They can try these recipes at home and enjoy the meal with this side dish.


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